little something.

Sunday, August 16

Dear Clyde,

You are almost 2 years of age. You are picking up so many words, to list them would make my things to do list bashful. You are seriously good at playing catch with dad, but you would rather climb up his back for a ride around the room. No dizzy spells, please. We watch all kinds of movies (your fave right now is Wall-E) and have started working in the kitchen together. We made peanut-butter cookies the other day and you helped stir the dough, press shapes onto the cookies and stood back while I put the pan in the oven. Mmmm they were delicious!

You currently love:

bath bubbles
saying "weeeee" when you slide down the slide
dad piggy-back rides
pretend pooping on the potty
coloring little circle squiggles
making animal noises
hiking, but only short hikes with lots of bugs and moss to look at

I love your:
curly blonde curls
twinkly eyes
toothy grin
belly laugh

I LOVE how you burrow with dad and I at night, and when we leave the AC blasting on accident and are too tired to turn it down- you keep me extra warm. Brushing your teeth has been a challenge, but we have been making up songs and your are much more compliant when I brush your ears and nose first. Also, warnings of a giant whale at the back of your throat tricks you into keeping your mouth open. You'll probably outgrow that one any day now.

I love you mucho,

Tuesday, July 28


by Deborah Jean Saunders

Clydetoe tomatoes
round the bush
Clyde picks and goes
on to the squash
and pepper patch
melons come soon
and those he'll smack

He grabs his spade
and squats on his knees
he digs up the earth
and does as pleases

but those Clydetoe tomatoes
are the best we have
and the boy's pretty good
like his mom and dad

the tomatoes are toys
and on this we'll agree
that Clyde rules the garden
he's the emperor, indeed.

Tuesday, July 21

I've had several trips to my Venezuelan dentist as aforementioned in a previous post. Ten fillings in a mere two weeks. My pantry is stocked with soup and I've been taking this opportune time to shed some lbs. But the pain has been rearing its vladimire-putin-like head and knocked me to the ground. Sometimes there are good hurts, after working out for example. My muscles feel awake and alive and strong. The throbbing pain in my mouth is an injustice. Point blank. And I just have to sit back and take it until Thursday 11:00am sharp. When the dentist leans over, with some befuddled expression, I'm going to clock her in the jaw.

In other Clyde inspired news, yesterday he and his dad were playing catch- I told them they were being SO cliche' (highfive Gabe) and Clyde actually caught the ball! If that's not some major hand-eye coordination then I don't know what is. Way to go, little baseball man.

The other funny thing he did was take a piece of paper and hold it against his back while trying to draw on it. All the while walking in little circles. Ha! I get such a kick out of this kid.

Well, I'd write more but I'm long overdo for some ibuprofen. And punches to my dentist's face. Majorly.

Sunday, July 5

they say its your birthday....

We celebrated my 24th birthday on the 4th of July (take that, Independence Day!) First we flitted about our neighbors pool, which had a shallow baby pool for Clyde-hooray! We doused each other with sunscreen and yet still managed a red patch or two of burnt skin. Then we headed off to the in-laws for some lemon cake, care of Grandpa Ray and the best tortilla soup I've had to date from Granny Debbie. Finally, I had been anything but patient, we got to the goods: gift opening!! Clyde didn't get any beauty rest because swam for hours and hours. Not the best idea for a toddler, by the way. Missing a nap is like missing a freaking meal. Or missing a key basketball player (to use a sports analogy like Sarah Palin). Bottom line: sleep baby, sleep. It was a curse on the whole weekend to have a sun-kissed, whiney guy. And I am NOT talking about Andrew. *wink

(but back to the most important aspect of birthday celebrations, gift opening)

My first parcel was from Ike! He, (and I suspect my madre) sent me these awesome pearls:

Mom also sent me a wonderful vintage yellow, pyrex mixing bowl (and no, you may NOT borrow it):

Andrew bought me a mucho needed GPS unit, which will make it easier to get around this blasted Queen City (more like Princess Confusing city, if you ask me, which you SHOULD):

Ray and Debbie gave me some birthday ca-ching and two astrology books:

Andrew also got me the holy grail of craft books. oh martha, bless your soul:

Dads present was pretty righteous. Fireworks, squeezy fish for clyde and some handmade jewelry accompanied by a lonesome mermaid with her shell. HOW PRECIOUS. My aunty-roo sent me some fun, bright t-shirts and some candy (no wonder I have cavities), but I promise I will share. ....with myself. Ok, Clyde can have some, too. If he's good. Which he's not.

Congdon OUT

Thursday, June 11

our apartment

Tuesday, June 9

you can't handle the tooth.

Had the old set of pearly whites checked out today, not goood. Not good at all. I would expect more from my expert brushing, but alas, the dentist literally said "Have them show you how to brush your teeth when you're at your cleaning appointment." I brush everyday. Floss often. I don't drink soda, I never eat dessert, I upgrade and buy fancy toothbrushes every couple of months, so what the crap!?

She wrote me a prescription for a flouride wash I can swill around my mouth before bed. Now I have to brush THRICE, daily. And floss twice as much. I have a massive MASSive cavity that is being filled, but watched and possibly extracted. My dreams of being a hillbilly will soon be realized. I will be missing teeth and pro at barbecuing and playing the banjo.

The end.

But only because I have to go brush my teeth. *pout*

Friday, May 29!

So today is the day I get a sleep deprived EEG (electoencephalography) because I think I had a seizure the other day. I'm hoping its nothing because I would like to be able to buy regular health insurance someday and they would look at me donning my Garden State-esque helmet and point me to the door.

To prepare for the festivities, I had to go without caffein and chocolate ALL day today (can you even imagine??) and then stay up until midnight, sleep until four am, and then somehow rouse myself from my beauty sleep. I took a hearty bath to eat up some time but now I find myself clicking away on the keyboard, trying to run out the clock. I have to be there by eight am. They hook me up to some sticky suction cup thingys, flash some lights, and look at pictures of my fascinatingly large and voluptuous brain. I'm suppose to somehow sleep through all of it, so Godspeed dear brain.

Visuals? Here. Except I'm sure I'll look more adorable:

Wish my noodle luck!

Tuesday, May 26


We are back from a small stint in Colorado, fresh as ever and ready for summer. At least I think we are. It was humiliatingly hot today as Clyde and I plowed through the Queen city, but this afternoon we found a park that had shade (ka-chow!) and a nice breeze. We kicked around the ball, had some discussions about nature (ie how to "tree" a squirrel), I changed the weirdest poopy diaper of my adult career, ripped a magnolia off a tree, you know- the usual...

We're thinking about putting Clyde in *gasp* daycare once or twice a week, just for the mornings. He really doesn't ever get a chance to be on his own, around kids his own age. But we're still weighing the pros and cons. We've moved so many times and he's really clingy so we figure something like daycare would provide consistency in his little whirlwind life. I found one that is pretty state of the art. It has cameras, so at any point of the day the parents can log on and watch their kiddos. They have super healthy snacks and small groups. They also believe in positive reinforcement and hugs. I thought I could use the time he's in "school" to work on some craft projects and set-up a shop on etsy! Felt creations. Little something is going to be big. And by big, I mean big on felt. Pillows, checkbook covers, wallets. Salem style. Serious Salem style.

This is the plan anyway for when he's in grade school. So I guess if we decide against going that direction, I have time to plan it out for when he's in regular school. Its hard picking what's best for ze bebe.

I hope you are all:

enjoying the sunshine
eating popsicles
studying cloud shapes
keeping fresh flowers everywhere (even stolen ones)
getting your nails dirty in some garden
splish splashing in a __________ (pool, lake, sprayground, bathtub)

Friday, April 17


The E Bunny (no, not the kind from raves) came to our humble abode and dropped off this tasty number for Clyde. He loved it. Made his day.

And then we went to the grandfolkies where Clyde pulled a large mirror down on his head, fell down a flight of brick steps, and racked his spine on my tap board. Way to go, buddy. Get out all your injuries for April in one day.

My dad and aunt diane sent us some delish goodies, and some outfits (we are some pretty s-p-o-i-l-e-d kids). Yay for Easter!

Friday, April 10

Dear Clyde

You are 18 months old and in love with tractors. Its all you even think about, really. I mostly feed you yogurt (with sprinkles), green beans, onion rings (shhh don't tell Dad), and mandarin oranges. I wish I could me more inventive with your menu. SOMEtimes I can get you to eat french toast sticks. Other times all you want is jasmine rice with a hint of soy sauce. But you are growing!

Our daily walk is somehow always exciting. Like how you miraculously never step in dog do. You are really good at pointing out bugs. In fact, the other day you pointed to a bug on my shirt! I hope my freak-out dance didn't permanently scar you for life.

We've really been making each other laugh lately. Thank god you have a sense of humor. Otherwise, things might not be working out as well, you know what I mean. You hate your carseat. Fair enough. But you love riding in your stroller in the store, munching on all the free samples we can hunt down (bless you Harris Teeter).

Our rituals are:

bath in the a.m.
big nap in the p.m.
a walk around the complex
fun time with Dad
two stories at bedtime

Please stay funny.