little something.

Friday, May 29!

So today is the day I get a sleep deprived EEG (electoencephalography) because I think I had a seizure the other day. I'm hoping its nothing because I would like to be able to buy regular health insurance someday and they would look at me donning my Garden State-esque helmet and point me to the door.

To prepare for the festivities, I had to go without caffein and chocolate ALL day today (can you even imagine??) and then stay up until midnight, sleep until four am, and then somehow rouse myself from my beauty sleep. I took a hearty bath to eat up some time but now I find myself clicking away on the keyboard, trying to run out the clock. I have to be there by eight am. They hook me up to some sticky suction cup thingys, flash some lights, and look at pictures of my fascinatingly large and voluptuous brain. I'm suppose to somehow sleep through all of it, so Godspeed dear brain.

Visuals? Here. Except I'm sure I'll look more adorable:

Wish my noodle luck!