little something.

Tuesday, June 9

you can't handle the tooth.

Had the old set of pearly whites checked out today, not goood. Not good at all. I would expect more from my expert brushing, but alas, the dentist literally said "Have them show you how to brush your teeth when you're at your cleaning appointment." I brush everyday. Floss often. I don't drink soda, I never eat dessert, I upgrade and buy fancy toothbrushes every couple of months, so what the crap!?

She wrote me a prescription for a flouride wash I can swill around my mouth before bed. Now I have to brush THRICE, daily. And floss twice as much. I have a massive MASSive cavity that is being filled, but watched and possibly extracted. My dreams of being a hillbilly will soon be realized. I will be missing teeth and pro at barbecuing and playing the banjo.

The end.

But only because I have to go brush my teeth. *pout*


Kirsta 'n co. said...

My first semester off at college I decided my teeth would be the BEST PEARLY WHITES EVER, so I brushed 2 (or 3!) times a day and flossed every freaking night. I had my dentist appointment over Christmas break and had TWO cavities where there were none before. SERIOUSLY?? I actually think it was because the water where we were in Hawaii didn't have flouride in it, because I haven't had a cavity since, and I only brush *gasp!!* before beddy-bye time.