little something.

Tuesday, May 26


We are back from a small stint in Colorado, fresh as ever and ready for summer. At least I think we are. It was humiliatingly hot today as Clyde and I plowed through the Queen city, but this afternoon we found a park that had shade (ka-chow!) and a nice breeze. We kicked around the ball, had some discussions about nature (ie how to "tree" a squirrel), I changed the weirdest poopy diaper of my adult career, ripped a magnolia off a tree, you know- the usual...

We're thinking about putting Clyde in *gasp* daycare once or twice a week, just for the mornings. He really doesn't ever get a chance to be on his own, around kids his own age. But we're still weighing the pros and cons. We've moved so many times and he's really clingy so we figure something like daycare would provide consistency in his little whirlwind life. I found one that is pretty state of the art. It has cameras, so at any point of the day the parents can log on and watch their kiddos. They have super healthy snacks and small groups. They also believe in positive reinforcement and hugs. I thought I could use the time he's in "school" to work on some craft projects and set-up a shop on etsy! Felt creations. Little something is going to be big. And by big, I mean big on felt. Pillows, checkbook covers, wallets. Salem style. Serious Salem style.

This is the plan anyway for when he's in grade school. So I guess if we decide against going that direction, I have time to plan it out for when he's in regular school. Its hard picking what's best for ze bebe.

I hope you are all:

enjoying the sunshine
eating popsicles
studying cloud shapes
keeping fresh flowers everywhere (even stolen ones)
getting your nails dirty in some garden
splish splashing in a __________ (pool, lake, sprayground, bathtub)


Mom said...

I think it would be great for Clyde to start his academic career-get started on that GPA.

Kari and Jonathan said...

You're back and better than ever!! I think it would be great for clydster to get out and meet some friends! He'll find his other half, just as you and I did. And let me know where to sign up for some felt creations!