little something.

Tuesday, July 21

I've had several trips to my Venezuelan dentist as aforementioned in a previous post. Ten fillings in a mere two weeks. My pantry is stocked with soup and I've been taking this opportune time to shed some lbs. But the pain has been rearing its vladimire-putin-like head and knocked me to the ground. Sometimes there are good hurts, after working out for example. My muscles feel awake and alive and strong. The throbbing pain in my mouth is an injustice. Point blank. And I just have to sit back and take it until Thursday 11:00am sharp. When the dentist leans over, with some befuddled expression, I'm going to clock her in the jaw.

In other Clyde inspired news, yesterday he and his dad were playing catch- I told them they were being SO cliche' (highfive Gabe) and Clyde actually caught the ball! If that's not some major hand-eye coordination then I don't know what is. Way to go, little baseball man.

The other funny thing he did was take a piece of paper and hold it against his back while trying to draw on it. All the while walking in little circles. Ha! I get such a kick out of this kid.

Well, I'd write more but I'm long overdo for some ibuprofen. And punches to my dentist's face. Majorly.