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Sunday, July 5

they say its your birthday....

We celebrated my 24th birthday on the 4th of July (take that, Independence Day!) First we flitted about our neighbors pool, which had a shallow baby pool for Clyde-hooray! We doused each other with sunscreen and yet still managed a red patch or two of burnt skin. Then we headed off to the in-laws for some lemon cake, care of Grandpa Ray and the best tortilla soup I've had to date from Granny Debbie. Finally, I had been anything but patient, we got to the goods: gift opening!! Clyde didn't get any beauty rest because swam for hours and hours. Not the best idea for a toddler, by the way. Missing a nap is like missing a freaking meal. Or missing a key basketball player (to use a sports analogy like Sarah Palin). Bottom line: sleep baby, sleep. It was a curse on the whole weekend to have a sun-kissed, whiney guy. And I am NOT talking about Andrew. *wink

(but back to the most important aspect of birthday celebrations, gift opening)

My first parcel was from Ike! He, (and I suspect my madre) sent me these awesome pearls:

Mom also sent me a wonderful vintage yellow, pyrex mixing bowl (and no, you may NOT borrow it):

Andrew bought me a mucho needed GPS unit, which will make it easier to get around this blasted Queen City (more like Princess Confusing city, if you ask me, which you SHOULD):

Ray and Debbie gave me some birthday ca-ching and two astrology books:

Andrew also got me the holy grail of craft books. oh martha, bless your soul:

Dads present was pretty righteous. Fireworks, squeezy fish for clyde and some handmade jewelry accompanied by a lonesome mermaid with her shell. HOW PRECIOUS. My aunty-roo sent me some fun, bright t-shirts and some candy (no wonder I have cavities), but I promise I will share. ....with myself. Ok, Clyde can have some, too. If he's good. Which he's not.

Congdon OUT


Kari and Jonathan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like you've got the official hook-up.

Mom said...

You were the cutest little red headed baby! Plump as well-delightful.

Celtic_Girl said...

Happy Birthday, I would have to agree with your mom, you were pretty cute as a little girl (I didn't know you as a baby), and you Clyde is absolutely adorable.!

Kendra said...

Sorry this is a little late, but Happy Birthday!!! I've always been terrible with birthdays. Don't take it personally, I would forget my own birthday if it weren't for Devon reminding me. I miss you. We need to talk soon and do some catching up!