little something.

Sunday, August 16

Dear Clyde,

You are almost 2 years of age. You are picking up so many words, to list them would make my things to do list bashful. You are seriously good at playing catch with dad, but you would rather climb up his back for a ride around the room. No dizzy spells, please. We watch all kinds of movies (your fave right now is Wall-E) and have started working in the kitchen together. We made peanut-butter cookies the other day and you helped stir the dough, press shapes onto the cookies and stood back while I put the pan in the oven. Mmmm they were delicious!

You currently love:

bath bubbles
saying "weeeee" when you slide down the slide
dad piggy-back rides
pretend pooping on the potty
coloring little circle squiggles
making animal noises
hiking, but only short hikes with lots of bugs and moss to look at

I love your:
curly blonde curls
twinkly eyes
toothy grin
belly laugh

I LOVE how you burrow with dad and I at night, and when we leave the AC blasting on accident and are too tired to turn it down- you keep me extra warm. Brushing your teeth has been a challenge, but we have been making up songs and your are much more compliant when I brush your ears and nose first. Also, warnings of a giant whale at the back of your throat tricks you into keeping your mouth open. You'll probably outgrow that one any day now.

I love you mucho,


Ally Sheeba said...

I love Wall-E and belly laughs. Can't wait to meet this little buttercup.

Brandon and Natalie said...

I love the letters you write him. What fun keepsakes and treasures they will be when he is older.

Kari and Jonathan said...

You are the cutest mom EVER.