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Friday, April 10

Dear Clyde

You are 18 months old and in love with tractors. Its all you even think about, really. I mostly feed you yogurt (with sprinkles), green beans, onion rings (shhh don't tell Dad), and mandarin oranges. I wish I could me more inventive with your menu. SOMEtimes I can get you to eat french toast sticks. Other times all you want is jasmine rice with a hint of soy sauce. But you are growing!

Our daily walk is somehow always exciting. Like how you miraculously never step in dog do. You are really good at pointing out bugs. In fact, the other day you pointed to a bug on my shirt! I hope my freak-out dance didn't permanently scar you for life.

We've really been making each other laugh lately. Thank god you have a sense of humor. Otherwise, things might not be working out as well, you know what I mean. You hate your carseat. Fair enough. But you love riding in your stroller in the store, munching on all the free samples we can hunt down (bless you Harris Teeter).

Our rituals are:

bath in the a.m.
big nap in the p.m.
a walk around the complex
fun time with Dad
two stories at bedtime

Please stay funny.



Brandon and Natalie said...

Love the picture! He is so cute! How fun to have all of this documented about Clyde. He sounds like such a sweetheart who has a great sense of humor.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I'm just in love with that note. You should really write them more often and keep them for him in a little album.

Kendra said...

Wow, this is going to be so neat when he's all grown up and you can look back at all these memories!