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Wednesday, April 8

William R Davie Park. What a treat!

Finally! A cool playground for Clyde and its only 20 minutes from us:

Thats only part if it, there's a soccer field with really soft + clean turf, and a castle playground and a teeny tiny playground for babies. I've been dying to find something like this, the one we go to is not cutting the mustard, I tell ya! We went there today for an Easter egg hunt some of the moms put together for our gigantic mom group. There were cupcakes, runny noses, and picnic spreads but Clyde was mostly interested in throwing his body down each and every slide. He is becoming more and more interested in the other kids and was even concerned when a little girl fell and hit her head. Maybe that's because he recently banged his head on tile last week. Sympathy pains.

Its finally warming up, too, but you wouldn't know it today BRRrrr. Nice try Spring, maybe next week.


Mom said...

Well la dee da. So does Mister Fancy Pants Clyde think he's too good for poor little Sherwood Park now that he's pranced around castles and sissy swing sets? I say if Sherwood Park was good enough fer his ma it's good enough fer him.

Brandon and Natalie said...

The park looks like so much fun. That was sweet how he was worried about the little girl when she hit her head.