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Thursday, April 2

I've been meaning to write (and not post just pictures) for ages!

Well, my little darling angel had really severe diarrhea a few weeks ago and we had to take him to the emergency room to get an IV started because he was super deyhrdrated. They poked him five times (and even gouged a vein that bled all over the turnicate) and I put my foot down and said "no thanks, modern medicine, we're going." He's fine now! He lost a pound, which is a lot when you're Clyde sized. We've been active in our mom group and enjoying the queen city.

Andrew went to the barber and got a nice trim. He's learning all about the tools they use for granite and other "solid surfaces" and also how to clean them. Did someone say worker bee?

I've been planning planning planning the wedding and am sending out save the dates, soon. So I will need addresses. I got what I thought was a spider bite, only to find out it was a staph infection and now I feel like an icky leper. Its a tiny hole on my pointer finger, but a pretty serious thing if its not treated. So now I'm on antibiotics that make me headachy and nauseous. Its called the bridal staph diet, try it sometime.

We're hanging in there.


Mom said...

Sounds like you need a trip to Colorado where the air is clean and the spiders are small.

Brandon and Natalie said...

It sounds like you have been busy. I am not a fan of giving my home address online, but leave your email on my blog and I will send you an email with our address. We would love to try and make it to your wedding.

Charmed, I'm Sure said...

ewwwww, staph.. this friendship is over. Right after the wedding.

Ally Sheeba said...

dude. it smee, alice. is this how i make myself vulnerable to the blogosphere? i feel stuck in a black hole because i don't know how to operate my blog. but i like yer post?

Kari and Jonathan said...

tell me something i don't know :)