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Wednesday, February 11

worry worry worry worry

I'm a little worried about Clyde's weight. Andrew weighed him on his parent's scale and we were hoping for big numbers, but it turns out he's tipping the scale at 21 lbs. When he turned one he was 20 lbs, so if my math is correct, that is only a pound more. The opposite needs to be happening here, I need to be fluctuating from pound to pound and not rapidly gaining weight. Hint hint, Clyde. He's been trying new foods, eating frequently, drinking soy milk, drinking juice (although I swore I would never give him juice), I don't know what's going on. He has a doctors appointment this friday I'm nervous about. And don't worry about it being last friday, because we showed up then, a half hour late for an appointment we didn't have. Psh. Is the doc going to slap me upside the head with a stick of butter? Will she throw me out on the street after shoving my pockets with globs of saturated fats?

I'll let you know.


Mom said...

Not to worry-I find my weight creeps up and down several pounds each day depending on how many ice cream sandwiches I eat while watching Top Chef. As long as he's eating and pooping he'll be fine.

Charmed, I'm Sure said...

Hear, hear, Mom!

I swore no ice cream, but guess what Mr. Man's favorite food is now? And that doesn't even help him gain weight, so I think Clyde can forgo the stick of butter...