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Monday, February 9

This weekend (feb 13 & 14) my aunt Rebecca is presenting some choreography she did awhile back. The performance will take place in the black box in the Moss Performing Arts Center at Mesa State. It starts a 7:30 (but get there early to make sure you get in!) All proceeds from ticket sales will go to dance scholarships, wicked cool.

Each vignette is based off of Wim Wender's Wings of Desire. A really interesting german film that was later loosely translated into City of Angels. I was in the original, too (the littlest angel)!

Break a leg, Becca!


Brandon and Natalie said...

Cool. I didn't realize that Becca is still doing choreography. That is awesome.

I am with you on the moss bathmat...gross!

Mom said...

Gabester and I will attend and perhaps wear our dance togs.