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Monday, January 12

peas on earth

We just bought a high chair. No more uncivilized meals for this kid, he's eatin' fancy from now on. I got him to eat (and enjoy) peas!! Clyde's not usually known to eat anything green, but lately he's been a good sport about trying new things. His thighs are even looking a bit hefty. Woo! I was worried we would get to his next check-up and he would STILL be 20 lbs. eeeeeek.


I cooked a giant pot of beets, too. They were, how do the french say- magnificosa! I soaked them in a little red wine vinaigrette and voilĂ ! A perfect snack.


Mom said...

I hope you let Clyde enjoy some of those world famous, internationally renowned beets; as I recall, he adored them!


salem said...

yes I sure did, in fact I've never met a soul who can resist your famous beet recipe!

Charmed, I'm Sure said...

Clydester, you are my main man. Well, right after Cary Grant. But THEN you are my main man. Can I be your veggie mama (since you're on such a strict diet, I'm guessing "sugar mama" is out)?