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Monday, March 2


What are your ring sizes? I got my child-like hands sized today by several jewelers and it came down to a 5 and a quarter. They made fun of my slim, knuckle-less hands and were awed at the meaty tops.

So, what size are you guys??


Charmed, I'm Sure said...

Growing up and trying on my mother's jewelry I was in AWE of her TINY fingers - her wedding ring didn't fit over my first knuckle! Size 4-1/2!!! So I was shocked when I got sized for my own wedding ring and it's only a 5-1/2. Guess I'm not such a monster after all.

Elsha said...

I think my wedding ring is a six. I couldn't wear it while I was pregnant though. For like the whole time.

Kari and Jonathan said...

"They" say mine is a 5, but it's bigger than Kirsta's supposed 5 1/2. So who's lying?