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Sunday, February 15

more details?

Andrew surprise proposed to me at Sullivan's steakhouse, (we both agree Sullivan is a stellar name for a future child). Let me start off by saying, the night was perfect! The restaurant was nestled between skyscrapers and criss-crossed highways, quite a ways from hunky dunk Indian Trail. Our reservations were at seven and we arrived at a crisp 6:30. So they went ahead and seated us at the Godfather table, our backs were to the wall and we could reign supreme over the other lowly diners. Also, we had the advantage of being first to see an encroaching attack from an enemy mob. Advantageous!

They brought me out their signature cocktail, The Knockout i.e. orange infused vodka with Hawaiian pineapple juice and twist of orange. I gave them my signature head nod of approval. This was the first in excellence brought to our GF table.

We ordered Ahi tuna as our appetizer. Though I could scarcely stab the thing with my fork, it had an easier time slipping down my gullet. Delicious! Sometimes you have to just dig right in to seared, yet raw fish. And not die, which we didn't.

The waiter noticed my garnet red hair and ordered me up a Strawberry Blonde i.e. strawberry vodka with strawberry pucker shaken with sweet and sour mixed with pineapple juice. Perched on the rim was, you guessed it, one giant succulent strawberry. Ripe for the my glass. It met up nicely with the tuna in belly.

Then the real feasting began. Steak and shrimp for Andrew and a salmon and mushroom combo for Salem. I've never seen half a lemon wrapped in cheesecloth as a garnish. Clever! I squeezed it over the fish and the cheesecloth kept any pulp from getting loose. I had a hard time continuing the conversation because I just kept shoveling food into my mouth. The only time I would come up for air would be to steal bites of Andrew's steak.

Now that Andrew had me all liquored up, he turned to me and said, "well, its been a long time coming, but like Glenn says 'if you over-cook the fish, it'll spoil'... will you marry me?"

And then BAM out comes the ring, garnet with diamonds, and I squealed like the piggy I am.

"So that's a yes, then."

I faintly remember a banana bread-pudding, but at this point my mind was swimming in diamonds, garnets, and love for my sweet man.


Elsha said...

Sounds lovely:)

Brandon and Natalie said...

Congratulations! Now, you need to post pictures of your ring! Will you get married in Colorado?

Mom said...

Loved the spoiled fish line-that's my Glenn. What a perfect evening.

Mom said...

This is from Grandma-Whooppi-we're thrilled to death. Do you want me to sing at your wedding? Tell Andrew, welcome to the family! Love you all-Grandma.

Kari and Jonathan said...

That's the best story of 2009 thus far.

Kendra said...

I just love this story. The fish line cracks me up. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see you again (hopefully it will be before the weeding, though!).