little something.

Friday, February 13

Its over! We made it. The doctors visit went well, we're just waiting to hear how the blood draw went. The new doc is pretty, young, overall a nice gal. I'm disappointed she was less than thrilled I was still breast-feeding. She asked when I was going to wean and I made it very clear that I wanted Clyde to decide when he's had enough boobie. When we were on the topic of his crawling weight, I joked he was welcome to take some of mine. "Oh, well that will get better once you're done breast-feeding," she says. What!? Surely she hasn't forgotten that breastfeeding helps new mothers lose the weight they gained during pregnancy. How about 500 calories a day, doc. That's how many you burn as a nursing mother. Mercy Minerva.

So now we wait. They had to test Clyde's iron level and test his blood to he if he was ever exposed to lead. We couldn't do the next vaccination because, gulp, my calendar math was off and I took him in at 17 months instead of 18 months. WOOOPs. The doc, Susan Lester, said "nbd" (no big deal) we could do the shots early, but they hadn't received his vaccination chart. Um, yes. Yes they did. Liars. It wasn't until I was out the door that they grabbed us both by the collar, kicking and screaming to try and talk us going back in for a shot or two.

"maybe next time, nursey."

And that was the end of that.

Ok, not really. But I did hang in the office while the baffled nurses scratched their heads and wondered why only half his chart had arrived. Meanwhile Clyde is holding his arm with his other hand as if it had been mortally wounded. Which it had! They did the blood draw from a vein in his arm! Is that normal? They took three bottles of blood, too. He just sat there quietly saying "waaaaa" with his little face scrunched up, holding perfectly still, tears rolling. It was precious. I gave him full permission to cry. After all, they were doing the blood draw in an abnormal place if you ask me.

In the end we decided to schedule another visit for the booster shots since they didn't have all the correct info from Colorado and Clyde was nursing his arm in confused terror. I do not look forward to going back.