little something.

Tuesday, February 24

change we can believe in.

HOORAY! We are getting a different apartment in a week or so that is a little better suited to our needs (ie not gigantic that we can't fill with stuff we don't need). So this means cutting down on the toys for Clyde, getting rid of some furniture, and giving back piles of tupperware to Andrew's parents. That oughta do it. We are going to be in the same apartment complex, but in the back with a view of the woods, and the apartment will be on the ground level. No more nightmares about Clyde falling off the balcony, suckers.

Did I mention it will be four hundred dollars LESS? That's some kind of crazy amount of savings my brimming brain can't even compute!

Sometimes you just need to do a little downsizing, a little slimming of the ways. I will send out the new address post-haste!


Kari and Jonathan said...

There are so many pros to that situation it's hard to grasp it all at once!