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Thursday, January 8

The Yellow Tree Restaurant

A group of designers in New Zealand have come up with the idea of this Tree House Restaurant. Really makes the tree house I worked for look like a sack of beans! They used laminated pine, redwood and plantation poplar woods. My questions is- where is the fire exit? Take THAT architects.


In other, more serious news: I danced today! And by dance I mean I danced for my life. Mom and Glenn got me a punch card to a dance studio in Charlotte for Christmas. Woo! So we left super early (which was good because the directions we had were wack!) and I got there with five minutes to spare. The studio is huge and everyone was super friendly. I love Audrey (instructor) and am excited to get my twinkle toes back on that marly! 


Kendra said...

I'm jealous! I haven't danced in a few years now and I miss it so much. Did you find a class with other adults or are you dancing with a bunch of 12 year olds?

salem said...

Adults! Well, actually I think the two other girls in the class were in high school. I sort of pretended I was in high school, too.