little something.

Sunday, January 11

tickle me pink.

Yesterday, standing by the customer service kiosk at Harris Teeter, Andrew and I were picking out a balloon for Clyde when a guy walked over with his son. He asked him what color balloon he wanted, to which the little guy replied "I want the pink one!"

Andrew looked straight at the guy waiting for a response. This, afterall, was a common enough test of dad strength. Should he say no and guide his son to more manly hue- blue, for example. Or liberate himself from gender classification of color and let his boy have the pink balloon.

"Nah, you don't want pink, what about another color?"

We stood there, unsure of what to do. Little did he know we were ok with pink. We plan on having Clyde play with a doll when he's older. A man doll, Andrew likes to point out.


Its now or never, stranger dad. Its OK for boys to like every color. It doesn't mean he'll grow up gay and if he does what is this dad going to do, stop loving him? No, that's ridiculous. Everyone has the right to love the color pink.

"Ok, pink it is, lets go home."



kendrizzle said...

Clyde is such a cutie-patutie! This reminds me of a time when my mom was still doing daycare and one of the little boys had gotten into the dress-up bin. He draped one of the dresses around his shoulders like a cape and was pretending to be a superhero. The father showed up to pick the kid up, and was horrified to see his son "wearing" a dress. He made such a big deal about it that it brought the toddler to tears. He was being a superhero! Doesn't get much more masculine than superheros. Sigh. Let Clyde play with dolls and have pink toys if he wants. He will be a better man for it.

salem said...

UGH, those kinds of dads are the worssst.