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Wednesday, January 7

little of this, little of that.

Christmas pictures! More to come. In the meantime....

Clyde lost his MIND today. We have it on camera, in fact. Too bad this lame blogspot place sucks at uploading videos. He was doing this weird thing where he was kneeling on the bed and slumping backwards like he had been shot. And all the while shrieking like a monkey. 

"I don't speak monkey," I told him (okokok...quote from a Series of Unfortunate Events). He didn't even have anything weird to eat today, like chocolate. He's following a strict yogurt, carrots and an occasional grahm cracker diet. Its all the rage for the under two crowd. Don't be fooled by the olives-on-finger picture, that was for cheap thrills. He didn't actually eat any of them. Rats!

Tonight we ate delicious mexican meatloaf.

3 lbs ground beef
squirt of BBQ sauce
squirt of worchestershire sauce
2/3 cp salsa
2 cps crushed corn chips
2 eggs
1 cp shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cp taco seasoning

Mash it all together and form a log. Bake in a greased loaf pan at 350 for an hour and a half. These directions, by the way, are for me and not you. I can never remember anything.

Mmmmm. Green beans and baked taters. Yum yum.


Charmed, I'm Sure said...

First off, excellent recipe! Secondly, I can't believe I had to be notified of this blog by my SISTER. I thought you and I were tight! Kari and I hardly even talk (ignore the weekend we just spent with her in Pueblo), but nooooooo.... SHE'S the one informing me that you are publishing more of your randomness on this "internet" thing. How could you?

I'll forgive you on Tuesday.