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Thursday, January 15

x is for xylophone time

So I wanted to write down this story before I forget (you know how that is, right?):

For the last two weeks or so, Clyde has been running up to me with one of his socks. So I show him how to put it on his foot or I stretch the sock over his hand and call him "sock hand" or I use it as a sock puppet, but Clyde usually ends up getting frustrated and gives up.

Until today.

He runs over with a sock, as usual, I try the sock hand, as usual, until it hit me: Christmas. I had explained all month that Santa brings good boys and girls presents and leaves them in their stockings. And then when we hung up his little crap dollar store stocking, I compared it with one of his little socks. Socks, stockings, socks, stockings. To test my theory, I stole away with his little sock, and filled it with little toys of his. Sure enough, to his delight, christmas came early this year! Boy, has he got a lot to learn about the long wait.


Kari and Jonathan said...

He's a genius!!