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Friday, January 9


Time to get some ideas down on paper, internet style. Clyde and I were sitting on our balcony when the idea occured to me that I might be able to volunteer for Men Against Violence. That is, if Charlotte has one. When I worked for Americorp, I helped my friend Deborah work on an art auction to benefit the grand junction chapter. That would be so cool to do out here. Especially since I remember most of what we did to organize and plan one. The only set back is I don't know anyone! 

I have such a huge need to volunteeeeeeeer. The hard part is finding somewhere baby friendly so I can bring this little monkey on my back with me. Clyde is part of the packaged deal. We are the proverbial tv dinner. Clyde is the collard to my greens and I the ruta to his baga. Amen.

Oh, and for Halloween I am going as an ampersand. Clyde's going as a comma, Andrew an exclamation. So if you need ideas for this year, I recommend visiting your balcony or porch. Seriosuly, the ideas flow there.


Kendra said...

I did a little reasearch for you (yes, I have too much free time these days). You might want to check these places out, if you haven't already. Hope they are close to where you live, I wasn't sure!

They have a "men against violence" program here that at the very least you can find people to contact about setting one up in your area:

Hope this helped!

salem said...

You are so resourceful! I'm contacting both organizations today, and that's final!